At the beginning of Touratech's history was the IMO motorcycle computer. Far ahead of its time, this clever little box provided a wealth of data and supported the traveler with helpful information. Now, three decades later, the Niedereschach-based company is once again setting a milestone in motorcycle data evaluation with the Touratech Connect app.

Touratech Connect records a wide range of vehicle functions as well as environmental data. General information on driving behavior is available, such as the number of curves taken, the number of gear shifts on a route or the current performance of the vehicle. Including the driving time, the app is even able to calculate break recommendations from the data, so that the driver gets his optimal performance.

To improve the driver's own performance, numerous safety-relevant parameters can be queried. For example, the braking force (current, average, maximum) can be displayed, allowing conclusions to be drawn about the remaining reserves in individual braking behavior. Inclination behavior can also be precisely evaluated with regard to the utilization of the limit range. Even the times that the motorcycle moves in drift or slide during sporty riding can be precisely recorded. But Touratech Connect can also be used to record very classic parameters of your own performance, such as acceleration from zero to one hundred or the speed of a curve. In total, Touratech Connect precisely records over 60 values on the operating status of the motorcycle and driving dynamics.