The Hardware

Where does Touratech Connect get all this data from? The product consists of a smartphone application and a hardware component. The hardware, a small box, not even as big as half a bar of chocolate, is permanently installed on the vehicle. The connection is made to existing plug connections specific to the vehicle. Special technical knowledge is not required: Plug and Play! The casing is waterproof, the connectors have the same IP certification as the wiring harness. Humidity and dust have no chance.

The hardware can read out all data of the vehicle's own sensors directly from the CanBus. Therefore Touratech Connect does not have any limitations as there are for analysis tools at the OBD2-interface.

The reading of the data is performed passively, so the device cannot be misused to manipulate the vehicle. And the system offers yet another advantage: "In contrast to classic diagnostic tools, Touratech Connect remains permanently connected to the motorcycle and continuously provides the driver with a wide range of valuable information on his smartphone - during the ride and afterwards," explains Touratech developer Simon Hodrus, who is in charge of the project.